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- Project title: A study on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for the COMESA region

Application deadline: Tuesday 19 August 2008

Contract duration: 50 man-days

- Objectives of the Assignment: The objective of the assignment is to draw-up a GIS roadmap for COMESA, highlighting the areas and programmes where it can be of immediate benefit, and facilitate the implementation in four identified areas. A prototype of a GIS System will be developed as part of this assignment, and the expert will be expected to coordinate the development of a Maps and GIS website on the COMESA Portal. This will be in close collaboration with other divisions of the COMESA Secretariat to ensure that the identified areas address their needs.

For further information contact Jane Moeller Larsen, Danish Management A/S

Phone: +45 70 200 298

Direct: +45 35 250 655