Lower call rates introduced by the Mauritius regulator


Mobile phone subscribers will no doubt welcome the latest decision of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA). The ICTA has issued a determination to mobile phone operators to lower their tariffs on calls from a mobile to a fixed telephone by at least 87 cents per minute. It will now cost an Emtel or Orange customer using a prepaid card just Rs3.48 per call per minute instead of Rs4.35.

The Authority has also approved revised tariffs for International Direct Dialling (IDD) calls, Internet Telephony Services (ITS) and services on the Mauritian mainland and inter-islands.

The Authority examined the tariff structure proposals from the operators before approving the new tariff grid which represent a fall of up to 46% compared with the current tariffs.

Approval has been given for a reduction of 5-30% on Internet Telephony charges for Emtel; a reduction of 7-33% on international calls for MTML and a 1-46% reduction on international calls for Hotlink.