Internet News - In Brief


- WiMAX equipment supplier Aperto Networks has announced that it has deployed a wireless broadband network for the Algerian ISP Icosnet. Icosnet is targeting its new WiMAX service at corporate customers, with an emphasis on the financial and energy sectors.

- has been launched in response to the TED Prize wish of Neil Turok. At this past TED, he wished for to help unlock and nurture scientific talent across Africa, so that within our lifetimes we are celebrating an African Einstein.

- A Strathmore University student has won the inaugural Kenya Facebook Developer Garage award, boosting the institution's standing as a centre of innovation.

- An annual survey of editors around the world reveals that 72% of journalists in Africa and the Middle East are expected to become multimedia reporters, meaning they will be able to write for both print and Web platforms, as well as produce video and photo versions of their stories.