Benin determined to sell 80% of Libercom to international investor

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In a statement issued on 20 February 2014, the Beninese government announced its decision to open the capital of Libercom an international private telecom operator. Libercom is the mobile subsidiary of the incumbent Benin Telecom, born of a partnership with Titan Africa, a subsidiary of the American telecommunications company Titan Corporation.

Libercom objective was to quickly cover the whole country by its mobile network and to provide its clients with telecom services. The Government explains that "the procedure for opening the capital of Libercom SA, initiated by the government aims to identify and select a private investor or an international telecom operator, formed a consortium or not to enter the capital of the stake to 80% in order to ensure the development of its potential through investments that allow for a more efficient use of technical resources available through the technology-neutral license was granted him. "

Benin's telecoms market is shared between five operators namely MTN , Moov, Glo, and BBCOM Libercom.