Internet - In brief


- Training sessions on best practices to set up internet exchange points (IXPs) are being conducted in the African island nation of Comoros. The African Union Commission (AUC) in partnership with Comoros’ Ministry of Transportation, Post and Telecommunications, Communication and Tourism of Comoros has organised the workshop in conjunction with France-IX.

- Spacecom  the operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, has announced that AMOS-5 at 17°E is now providing a hybrid satellite-cellular communications solution in Africa. The hybrid solution delivered on AMOS Ku-band capacity enhances the quality of affordable high speed Internet connectivity to a telecom provider in Africa. Spacecom's hybrid solution enables the user to take advantage of satellite for downloading data while relying on cellular or any other terrestrial data network for internet upload requests and data offload. Data downloads typically account for between 80– 90% of Internet traffic.