Botswana police stations turn to e-payments.

Money Transfer

Point of Sale (POS) machines are being rolled out to Botswana police stations.

Christopher Mbulawa, Botswana Police Service (BPS) spokesperson, said the technology is expected to help ease payments for police reports, traffic fines and other offences involving admission of guilt fines.

BPS announced over 20 police stations have introduced Point of Sale (PoS) machines for the payments.

“The machines have been installed at 28 police stations around the country including those in cities and major villages,” said Mbulawa, adding that the service is available at police stations from 07:30 to 16:30 during weekdays.

Mbulawa said the POS machines will eventually be rolled out to other police stations in future.

In the meantime, conventional methods of payment will apply where POS machines are unavailable in Botswana.

Last month, Botswana’s central bank governor said more Botswana citizens are increasingly choosing electronic transfers over cheques to make payments.

The governor said although banknotes and coins continue to be a major medium of exchange in Botswana, non-cash transactions, especially electronic transfers, have gained considerable ground.