Airtel and Safaircom Seeking Settlement in Mobile Money Complaint

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Two of Kenya's mobile networks have asked for more time to negotiate an out of court settlement in a dispute over market dominance on mobile money services.

The Kenyan arm of Bharti Airtel filed a complaint last year against Safaricom accusing it of abusing its market dominance.

"Safaricom is generally restricting the market to unhealthy competition thereby closing the market outlets," Airtel alleged.

Although the regulator then pulled in both companies to provide evidence for and against the claims, and while it leaned in favour of Airtel, the sides have not been able to negotiate a resolution to the dispute.

Airtel appealed, but has now, along with the CAK and Safaricom asked the court to give them more time to seek a negotiated settlement.

They have until the 5th May to resolve the issue before it heads back to court.