Smart Telecom Launched In Uganda


Smart Telecom is the latest telecommunications company to enter Ugandan Market.

Smart Telecom is under Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) Kenya, a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED)

The name Smart was chosen as the name by the people of East Africa in an innovative naming campaign, “Give us a Name”

The launch will enable AKFED to expand its unique and proven social enterprise business model into Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda with a focus on innovation and customer service.

The launch of SMART will also combine AKFED’s experience of making long-term investments with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises, which provide employment opportunities and improve the lives of people.

In East Africa, AKFED’s investments include the Serena Hotels, Diamond Trust Bank, Jubilee Insurance Group, the Tsavo and Bujugali power plants, and the Nation Media Group.

The telecom introduced an innovative pricing method that will see voice calls charged per call as opposed to the per second and per minute billing currently being used in the sector.