Somalia: Mogadishu to Get High-Speed 4G LTE Network


Glocall Telecoms plans to provide 4G LTE high-speed internet connection for mobile phones to Mogadishu residents, government offices, schools and businesses, implementing partner company Tazca Connects announced Wednesday (March 18th).

"Deploying 4G LTE with Tazca Connects will accelerate global connectivity in Somalia and provide new opportunities to stimulate socio-economic growth by increasing access to information and rich content services," Glocall Telecoms chief executive officer Mobeen Bhamjee said in a statement.

Tazca Connects will use a software platform from Lemko Corporation that will bring the 4G LTE connectivity to businesses and communities in Mogadishu.

"Our partnership in Somalia demonstrates that powerful software, combined with a powerful vision, can connect people anywhere on Earth with cost-effective, carrier-grade LTE services," said Michael Sisto, Tazca Connects vice president of sales. "We are pleased to illustrate that, with Tazca, the economic and social benefits of expanding internet access can become an affordable reality in any community."

The announcement comes in the wake of al-Shabaab's ban on mobile internet across southern and central Somalia, including Mogadishu.

Glocall Telecoms and Tazca Connects are both US-based telecommunications providers with a focus on Africa and other under-served areas.