Rwanda to access affordable devices for internet – by instalments


The Director General in charge of ICT in the Ministry of Youth and ICT, Didier Nkurikiyimfura has declared that Rwandan citizens will be able to access affordable devices for internet connectivity, to be paid for in instalments.

He revealed this during the 11th Edition of the ICT Literacy and Awareness Campaign in Karongi District in the Western Province of Rwanda. This was a two day campaign, from Friday through Saturday, where thousands of local residents participated.

Nkurikiyimfura said “Just like several citizens are able to make a call, is the same way we need internet connectivity, especially 4G to allow every individual to receive the internet, and what is left is to have the devices.”

The government of Rwanda has been engaging with manufacturers, suppliers and banks to find a model that permits all citizens to buy mobile devices through bank services. This product is aimed at enabling bank clients pay in instalments, in order to improve access to smart devices

Nkurikiyimfura elaborated that there were noble examples like Gira ICT, which is currently providing people with devices at a low price, to be paid over a period of one or two years. “In fact, this strategy works really well.”

The National ICT literacy and awareness campaign in Rwanda aims at increasing public literacy and awareness on the opportunities and benefits offered by the use of online and mobile-enabled services and products among local communities.

The campaign brings together Government institutions offering online services, Telecom Operators, Banks, TV suppliers, Phone suppliers, and other private sector institutions.

The government of Rwanda has significantly transformed the way business and society use technology, by heavily investing in information and communications technology, since the inception of the first national ICT strategy and plan in 2000.