ICT Part of School Curriculum Soon in Sierra Leone


Minister of education, youths and sports last Thursday disclosed his ministry's plan to include ICT as part of school curriculum.

Speaking at the launch of the fixed Internet learning centre which was set up by Knowledge Aid Sierra Leone (KASL) Dr. Minkailu Bah said ICT was the way forward for education and development in the country. He said his ministry cannot allow school children to be left behind, adding that as a responsible government it was ready to take up the challenge. "Government is highly interested in programmes of this nature. We have provided funds to promote and sustain such programmes," he revealed.

He said plans are already underway to extend the operations of fixed internet learning centres to the east and central school communities while Government was also thinking of establishing a mobile Internet learning centre for students. Dr. Bah encouraged the organization to work with other organizations that have the same initiative so that they can achieve their goals.

Concord Times