Ubuntu announces lightweight version for netbook computers


Last week Ubuntu announced a lightweight version of its Linux operating system built for the new wave of ultra-portable "netbook" computers. Called Remix, the customised version of Ubuntu is built to be compatible with the low-power Atom processor from Intel, a miniaturised processor built for smaller notebook chassis. Asus, for example, will use the Intel Atom processor in its upcoming EEE PCs.

Remix is based on the standard Ubuntu Desktop Edition but with a launcher that allows users to get on-line more quickly and have faster access to their favourite applications. Netbooks are a new generation of notebooks that are not as full-featured as traditional PCs but give users quick access to the Internet and email while on the road.

Canonical, Ubuntu sponsor, says that it is working with Intel as well as other hardware manufacturers to certify Remix for these new platforms. Remix will not be available for download as with the standard Ubuntu desktop but will be made available directly to netbook makers.