Tanzania: Helios Towers Subsidiary Steps Up Tanzania Services


Dar es Salaam — Telecoms infrastructure firm, Helios Towers, has launched a new service that they say guarantees high-quality and dependable telecoms networking in the country.

Speaking during the launch last week, the Helios Towers (Tanania) Chief Executive Officer, Norman Moyo said this marked a significant milestone in telecommunications in Tanzania.

"As the sector matures there is a clear mandate to improve on the breadth and quality of these services," he said.

The services known as In-Building Solutions (IBS), will strengthen and magnify telecommunication networking in big and tall buildings throughout the country.

It will also create a strong telecoms infrastructure.

The company, he said, was among the pioneers of developments in Tanzania's telecommunication development, largely because it (the company) understands the importance of the sector in the country and Africa as a whole.

He said IBS is in response to a wide proliferation of next generation technologies like 3G and 4G services.

Tanzania has witnessed a significant investment in infrastructure particularly residential housing as well as commercial buildings.

However, the new buildings present new challenges to telecommunications services, particularly in service delivery within the buildings.

Moyo said, IBS will address this challenge while extending benefits to a number of stakeholders.

"To building owners, developers and property managers, IBS becomes an amenity that is as important as electricity or fire extinguishers," he said.

The IBS platform supports all the mobile technologies and all operators and Internet Service Providers are part of the solution, noting that Helios Towers has invested an average of Tsh 163.35 million ($100,000) in every tall building.

Helios Towers Company is among the pioneers of developments in Tanzania's telecommunication development.

Helios Towers has already bought 1,149 telecoms towers from Vodacom Tanzania worthy about Tsh122, 51billion ($75 millions) last year.

African telecoms is one of the most dynamic and exciting industries in the world and Helios Towers is having a huge impact on the future of the industry.

The company was officially granted the first license in Tanzania in August 2011, to operate as an independent telecom tower company.

Helios Towers Africa purchased 1,180 telecoms towers from Tigo Tanzania, the Tanzanian operation of South Africa's Millicom International Cellular, in December 2010.