Vodafone Egypt Deploys Telsis Mobile Assistant


Advanced call screening service for high ARPU users goes live with Africa’s largest network

Vodafone Egypt has become the largest mobile operator in the world to deploy Telsis Mobile Assistant – a uniquely simple to use call screening and call transfer service that makes the lives of executives and other busy people easier and more efficient.
Telsis Mobile Assistant logically links two different existing mobile numbers so that incoming calls to the designated primary number can be answered by either party. A single press of the star key allows consultative call transfer in both directions.

With more than 40m subscribers, around a million of which are enterprise users, Vodafone Egypt  believes that Mobile Assistant has broad appeal. “We think it has utility for many different Vodafone segments,” says Ghada Adel, head of enterprise marketing. “It’s available to all Vodafone enterprise & consumer post-pay customers and we’re targeting anyone for whom time is money – so people right across the commercial and public service sectors including CEOs, managers and others in large corporates, SMEs and even SOHO workers.

“We’ve the largest overall market share, the largest base of enterprise customers, and consistently achieve the best Net Promoter Scores, so Mobile Assistant, available only from Vodafone, is a great addition to our distinctive market positioning. We like its innovative thinking, we like its simplicity in use, and we like its robustness.”

A network service, not a handset app, Telsis Mobile Assistant works on all mobile phones of any age or type. Users keep existing handsets and phone numbers, and don’t need to install any new equipment; they just subscribe to the service and register their existing phone numbers. Service settings, such as which phone rings first, and the delay before the second also starts to ring, are configured via simple USSD commands or via the user’s online account. Telsis Mobile Assistant runs on a COTS server platform. It is easily integrated with existing network infrastructure and support systems and it requires no changes to billing systems.

Telsis is in active talks with operators in Europe about Mobile Assistant where potential users include the region’s SMEs. “Vodafone Egypt is showing Europe the way”, says Telsis head of products Nigel Shaw. “There are 20m small businesses in Europe, 4.8*m of them in the UK alone, and we see Mobile Assistant as a crucial enabler and liberator for their lives, and for those working in larger enterprises too. The CEO of a major corporate who works closely with a PA; the barrister and her chambers legal assistant; the doctor and her practice manager; the mobile plumber whose wife fields customer enquiries - there are countless types of working partnerships that are made more efficient and more effective by Mobile Assistant.

“We predict that subscriber recruitment in early adopting networks will climb rapidly as people flock to use the service. That’s going to have strong effect on revenues as most will be high ARPU users. Mobile Assistant will generate serious wins for deploying operators.”

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