Telecel to introduce on-net video calling, a first from Telecel


According to information gathered from our sources, Telecel Zimbabwe is set to launch Video Calling Services for its subscribers today. This will be the first time any local network operator has offered the service despite the fact that it has been available in other markets for several years.

Video calling allows you to have a face to face conversation by making use of the phone’s camera and it’s for subscribers with devices with the video call feature. The service requires 3G connectivity but is not reliant on an active data connection. The service will be provisioned for all pre-paid customers.

At a cost of 30 cents per minute with a 15 second billing pulse the Video call service will be for Telecel to Telecel calls only. The service is said to ride on a stable and reliable connection and if a video call fails the subscriber will be given the option to make a voice call.

While this service will bring Telecel and Zimbabwe up to date with the rest of the world in terms of basic 3G services. It does look it’s a bit of a late entry in a world where VoIP services offer the same face to face functionality. The redeeming aspect though is the ability to reach out to other users who might not have data services on a 3G enabled, video phone compatible device.