Absa launches Payment Pebble

Money Transfer

Absa has officially launched its long-awaited Payment Pebble, bringing its mobile payments offering to merchant-held smartphones and tablets.

First announced in November 2012, Absa’s Payment Pebble is a result of an agreement between the bank and payments company, Thumbzup.

The Pebble is a compact, mobile device that plugs into the audio jack of compatible smartphones or tablets and, once set up, allows users to immediately start transacting, accepting both MasterCard and Visa chip-and-PIN and magstripe-and-PIN credit and debit cards.

The bank was due to launch the product as a value-added service to all small business owners and merchants on-the-go from early 2013.

However, because the product has been built in South Africa, for South African use, it needed to jump through several regulatory hoops in order to meet international standards, according to the bank.

Absa’s Pebble works on a month-to-month basis with registered merchants, and multiple Pebbles can be used in a business, and one Pebble can be used across multiple devices.

“When a merchant cancels, they are responsible for returning the Payment Pebble to their nearest Absa representative,” Absa said.