Mozambique’s Government Denies Plans to Privatise TDM


Mozambican Transports and Communications Minister Paulo Zucula assured workers of the Mozambique Telecommunications company (TDM) that the government has no plans to privatise the company.

Zucula was speaking in Maputo during a meeting with the workers as part of his tour of a number of companies under his ministry to sound out the workers' concerns.

He was thus reacting to complaints that the previous government had expressed intention to privatise TDM, justifying that this would render it more profitable, and the move would also help face the new challenges of an ever more competitive market with the introduction of new technologies.

But the workers argue that this would make most of them redundant, a situation that would create them social problems, extremely difficult to deal with.

But Zucula reiterated that the government has no intention to privatise TDM because, besides its central role in the country's economy, the company is also a symbol of Mozambican sovereignty.

'There are no plans to privatise TDM, at least while I remain as Transports and Communications Minister', said Zucula, urging his audience to work harder to guarantee the rendering of improved services to the country.

Other problems presented by the workers include drainage of qualified staff to other companies in the communications sector in the country, and lack of promotions and career progression at work.

Zucula said that he is much aware of all these problems, and he promised to pay the due attention and, though solutions may be late, they will come in due time.

He praised the achievements of the company in the fight for the market, saying that it is heading for the future.

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