New functionality in Flexenclosure's remote telecom site management tool eManager ensures data is never lost


Flexenclosure, a specialist developer of intelligent power management systems and prefabricated data centres for the ICT industry, has added several new features to its eManager remote telecom management tool. One of the new functionalities is a guarantee of 100 per cent complete and accurate site reports regardless of communications breakdowns.

eManager is an advanced tool for site power network optimisation, fully-integrated in Flexenclosure's eSite hybrid power system for off-grid and bad-grid cell sites. Powered by renewable energy sources or the grid and a backup genset, eSite can deliver a 90 per cent reduction in diesel fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy related costs compared to traditional diesel based systems, with eManager providing a one-stop interface for eSite remote management and energy optimisation.

Flexenclosure has significantly improved eManager by adding a wide range of new features to the tool (eManager was launched in 2012). The most significant are:

    Safe storage and time stamping of all site data, to ensure that data is never lost. In the occurrence of a communications breakdown between the network operations centre and the site, all site data is stored in the eSite and uploaded to eManager after communications has been restored. All site reports will therefore always be 100 per cent complete and accurate.
    The option to fully configure eSite from eManager. All settings can be controlled and adjusted remotely from the network operations centre, whether fine-tuning them for improved performance or correcting an error or issue caused by an on-site event. This eliminates the need to send specialist personnel to the site.
    Added accessibility and rapid response functionality by allowing users to log in to eManager from any Internet-connected web browser (using secure login). There is no need to use a specific computer or terminal or to first download any client software.
    Fuel monitoring allows network managers to monitor fuel consumption, schedule refuelling when necessary, manage theft alarms, etc.
    Improved reporting. Standard reports can be extracted in a number of different formats, according to customer need. Customised reports can also be created in Excel.
    Geographical maps show eSite locations and operating status.
    eManager installation and on going software updates can now be done entirely remotely, with no-one needed on site.

'These new features will all help mobile operators and site owners to gain even better control over their installed power solutions and to proactively monitor and manage OPEX-driving activities and costs,' said David King, CEO, Flexenclosure. 'We have made a significant investment in eManager's evolution and will continue to refine and add to its functionality. We are confident that we now have the best remote site management and KPI reporting tool on the market by far.'

Fully integrated into eSite, eManager provides out-of-the-box functionality supporting the operations, engineering, business control and site logistics groups within the customer organisation, and can drive substantial and immediate OPEX cost savings through actively monitoring, analysing and optimising the performance of a single eSite through to an entire network of eSites.

eManager seamlessly works with eSite's intelligent control system Diriflex to collect and analyse all relevant site data, storing it in a detailed energy data warehouse for benchmarking, trend and historical analysis, as well as real-time monitoring. eManager can then create any combination of standard or customised reports for any geographical region ' local to global ' identifying key trends and opportunities for further optimisation.