EcoSahel's Jelani Aliyu Develops Solar-powered Laptop


An indigenous Nigerian company, EcoSahel Global Ventures, has developed a solar-powered laptop that is powerful, rugged, versatile and durable, with the ability to take the harsh conditions of any environment.

LEADERSHIP gathered that the company headed by an automotive/industrial designer and technology entrepreneur, Jelani Aliyu, MFR, is committed to providing effective creative technologies that will make the lives of Nigerians easier, intelligent technologies that are in tune with the nation's environment, are energized by it and perform efficiently.

Speaking with LEADERSHIP, Aliyu explained the commitment of his company towards progressive technologies that blend with the nation's environment: 'Our future lies not in technologies and systems that are incompatible with our cultures and climate; our future lies in solar energy. The sooner we, as individuals, researchers, institutions, entrepreneurs and leaders, adopt this free and clean power source, the earlier  we shall be self-sufficient in energy to power our lives, cities, farms and industries.'

He said that the SOL solar-powered laptop gets its power directly from the sun, and hence does not need to be plugged in, enabling study, work and communication from anywhere.

'Our country is blessed with abundant sunlight, and EcoSahel believes it is only logical that we leverage this power source to power our lives. The SOL is set to be one of the most significant products in Nigeria; it is both a laptop and a power generator,' Aliyu said.

The SOL is a powerful tool that has the capability to enable Nigeria to accelerate its development by giving computing and communication access to anyone anywhere. No longer tied to an electrical grid, or hampered by interrupted power supply, one can work with the SOL from anywhere. This highly capable laptop comes fully loaded with productivity and creative tools.

Given the abundant sunshine across the different climes of Nigeria, EcoSahel hopes that the SOL solar-powered laptop will improve the lives of Nigerians.

Nigeria produces about 4,000 megawatts of electricity mostly from hydro-  and gas-powered plants and has been unable to meet the energy needs of its citizens necessary for economic and social development.

Also, it has been slow if not reluctant in embracing alternative sources of renewable energy like solar. Most efforts at harnessing the sun's abundant and renewable energy have come from private entities like EcoSahel.