Nigeria’s Representatives Set to Investigate Activities of SAT-3


According to the chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Communications, Hon. Jerry Mamwe, the strike which has just been called off has raised fundamental questions on the services of most GSM operators and their link with SAT-3.

He said "the issue of this industrial action has raised one fundamental question. We are made to believe that the industrial action has also affected the services of most GSM operators because of a vital link with Sat-3 facilities.

Manwe stated that the lawmakers were interested in finding out "who are the GSM operators paying to for the services of the Sat-3 facility? Is it the Ministry of Communications, NCC, or NITEL?

The chairman stated that the investigation would unearth many outstanding issues, especially monies being collected from the GSM operators but were yet to be properly accounted for.

According to him, during the period the strike lasted, most of the GSM companies complained that it affected their services. And we discovered that they pay money for the services. So who is collecting the money? We cannot keep quite while things are not done in the right way.

'If money is being realised, I don't think there should be any excuse for non-payment of salaries of the workers. They deserve their pay,' he declared.