ADSL prices to be cut by half in Algeria


Algeria’s communications minister has announced that tariffs for ADSL broadband internet services will be cut by 50%. State-owned Algerie Telecom will reduce charges for a 128kbps connection to DZD590 (USD9) a month, while a 256kbps service will cost DZD1,100 and a 512kbps link will be DZD1,500.

General Manager, Nouar Harzallah from Distance Vocational Learning Establishment (EEPAD), an Algerian ISP said that his company will follow the price reduction from May 1st.

Harzallah explained further that "we will cut our ADSL prices 50 % and add new options to our packs (microcomputer + ADSL service), such as pay-per-view internet television and video. "The ADSL is to be free in the next few months and profits will be made through added value services, like television via Internet," he underlined.