Kenya: Orange Kenya Unveils Biashara Talk


Orange Telkom Kenya has launched Biashara Talk, a wireless fixed voice post-paid service targeted at Small office Home office (SoHo) customers and small businesses.

The post-paid service that will be provided via a wireless platform, will allow the user to enjoy high voice quality by acquiring a new landline number, or get to re-activate their old business landline as well as migrate their active landline to a wireless network while maintaining their existing phone number.

The service is based on a single number, meaning one 'SIM per offer' and businesses can choose to purchase as many numbers as required.

In addition, Biashara Talk customers can create multiple phone extensions for their businesses.

Orange CEO, Mickael Ghossein, says that this new service goes to demonstrate the company's dedication to constantly tailor its products and solutions with the customer in mind and aim to deliver more value, flexibility and satisfaction to their existing customers as well as present a sound and exciting proposition that will attract new customers.

"As part of our greater network transformation programme, our key objective is to support the growth of the entire market chain: SMEs, large Corporates as well as public sector organisations to cope with their dynamic ICT needs. We aim to build on best practices and benefits, thereby bringing wealth of innovative products and services to the country," added Ghossein.

Customers on Biashara Talk will subscribe to monthly bundles ranging from Kshs 1,000, to KSh. 10,000, all with 30 day validity periods. These tariff bundles will enable customers to enjoy calling rates for as low as Kshs 2 for within the network and Kshs 3 outside the network. The user will also enjoy SMS rates for as low as 50 cents both within and outside the network. Customers using Biashara Talk on their data enabled GSM devices will also enjoy data services for as low as Kshs 3 per MB.