Tunisia’s rubbish selfie trend

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A Facebook page in Tunisia is harnessing the power of the selfie to draw attention to piles of rubbish littering the nation's streets.

A selfie is usually designed to portray its subject in a positive light - but Tunisian citizens are subverting that idea.

More than 12,000 people have "liked" a new Facebook page, "Selfi Poubella", set up on 16 May, and scores have sent in pictures of themselves on rubbish-strewn streets.

"I wanted to show another image of Tunisia," Cheker Besbes, the journalist who started the page, told BBC Trending. Selfies have been widely used by the Tunisian government itself as part of its drive to connect with the public - in particular by the country's tourism minister, Amel Karboul. But Besbes argues the government images present a glossed-over and idealised image of the country.

The Facebook page calls on people to "show the leaders of Tunisia the true face of our streets". Besbes says: "This is the selfie that we should be doing, the selfie that shocks." He believes the environment is not getting the attention it deserves in Tunisia.

The government has promised to tackle the problem of rubbish on the streets and has even announced a special task force to tackle it.