Telecom Sector Reform Policy in Full Swing in Liberia


The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications has urged stakeholders and the public to cooperate fully with the government and the Liberia Telecommunications Authority to adhere to reform within the telecom sector.

According to a release Monday evening, the Ministry said "effective mechanism" is in place and takes immediate effect to "drive the regulatory decision and actions of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA).

Within the reform policy measures up to date, "There shall be a cap on the number of national service provider/carriers in the telecom service sector to a fixed number of providers, namely: cellular/mobile, wireline, rural telephony, fixed wireless - WiMax, CDMA, etc."

Accordingly, the Ministry indicated that bundled services within the Liberian telecom marketplace will be unbundled in recognition of the need to expand the number of players in the market.