Southern Sudan is still using Uganda's Country Code


The information and communication technology minister, Dr. Ham Muliira, has affirmed that South Sudan will soon stop using Uganda's 256 telephone code. The minister, who was last week appearing before the parliamentary ICT committee, explained that the use of the code 256 by Uganda's northern neighbour was temporary to facilitate communication between the two countries until the International Telecommunications Union allocates a code to South Sudan.

The MPs had questioned the continued use of the code by the Government of South Sudan. Muliira added that the arrangement was agreed upon by the two governments.

The minister, who was accompanied by senior ministry officials and others from Posta Uganda and the communications commission, was responding to queries by the MPs for consideration of the mid-term expenditure framework for the ICT sector for the financial years 2008/2009 and 2010/2011.

Muliira pointed out that Celtel had expanded its services from Uganda to cover northern and southern Sudan. Muliira said the ministry was reviewing the telecom policy of 1996 and the draft broadcasting policy so as to harmonise the Electronic Media Act with the Communications Act.

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