South African IT Security Firm Opens Nigeria Office


Leading IT security vendor, Phoenix Distribution has opened an office in Nigeria to meet the growing demand for technology and information security products given the high rate of cybercrime in Africa’s most populous nation and biggest economy.

Phoenix Distribution CEO, Simon Campbell-Young said the plan to open an office in Nigeria is in line with the company’s growing customer base in Africa which has allowed it to “pinpoint gaps in the region and respond accordingly.”

“Phoenix required a stronger presence in Nigeria to provide the necessary support to our partners and customers in the region, and to better help them achieve their goals,” he said.

The newly established office will work together with Phoenix Distribution’s existing agencies across the east and central Africa region. The distributor currently holds offices in Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom and it was recently appointed the official distributor of Kaspersky Lab products in Nigeria.

“There is no doubt cyber crime is a serious problem in Nigeria… Making Kaspersky Lab’s consumer and corporate products available to Nigerian businesses and individuals will help combat this growing dilemma,” Campbell-Young said.

According to a 2012 world internet crime rate statistics – report, evaluated by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (Ic3), Nigeria ranks 25th position among the top 50 countries of the “complainant statistics by country” on cybercrime activities and 8th position among the top 50 countries of the “complainants loss by victim country.”

At the moment, Nigeria is yet to pass the Cyber Crime Bill 2013 in which President Goodluck Jonathan propose a death sentence for cyber criminals hacking into the Critical National Information Infrastructure or into computer networks resulting in the loss of lives.

Nevertheless, Campell-Young said Phoenix will continue to leverage on the opportunities provided by the continent as FDI return in Africa is higher than any other developing region.

Phoenix plans to “establish long-term relationships, establish brands and create new markets.”