Kenyan Government to Recruit Trainees for Rural E-Centres


The Kenyan Government will give priority to the disadvantaged in free entrepreneurship training for ICT-related businesses. Speaking during a media briefing, Victor Kyalo, the deputy executive officer of Kenya ICT Board, said the trained entrepreneurs will operate electronic centres which the governments intends to open in the rural areas.

The government aims at recruiting about 1,500 trainees but has received more than 4,000 applications so far. About half of them have either a second or first degree yet the minimum qualification is a diploma.

Fifty districts have been chosen for the implementation of the project with each district getting 30 trainees. Prospective entrepreneurs who get certified will be eligible for a development loan from the Sh244 million revolving fund set up for the initiative.

E-centres are expected to provide essential services to the public in rural areas via computers connected to the Internet, digital cameras, printers, fax machines and other communication infrastructure.

The Government intends to spend a total of Sh610 million on the project. Sh366 million will be used in the training, technical support and on a bandwidth subsidy, leaving the rest for the revolving fund.

Kyalo said entrepreneurs will be required to raise 10 per cent of the start up costs, while the government will finance the rest through a third party on behalf of the ICT Board. The funds will be repayable over a three-year period with the proceeds earmarked to finance set up costs and the required infrastructure (computers, printers and software) .

The training will be offered at the district level to enable easy access for those in rural areas and will be done in modules for three weeks. The induction will include topics on book keeping, starting and successfully managing small businesses, why some business fail, legal aspects of business creation and viable self-employment-the key pillars of entrepreneurship courses.

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