FNB introduces money transfer to Mozambique

Money Transfer

A year after launching its successful Zimbabwe Money Transfer service, FNB has added an additional affordable cross border service, this time to Mozambique. This service is available to qualifying FNB customers in SA to send money to residents in Mozambique instantly, through its Cellphone and Online Banking channels.

“We have seen with the FNB Zimbabwe Money Transfer service that there is a real need for a remittance service that is readily accessible,” says Leonora van der Plas, Head of Cross-border Remittances at FNB. “People don’t always have the time or money to travel to the bank during working hours and often need to send money home at short notice."

The FNB Mozambique Money Transfer Service is based on a tiered pricing structure. Sending R1000 will only cost R45, which is 4.5% of the value of the remittance. Recipients don’t need to be preregistered but must be residents of Mozambique and hold a formal Mozambican identity document.

“After Zimbabwe, Mozambique, as a SADC neighbour, seemed to be the next logical step to take the service,” says van der Plas. “A service that allows for instant, affordable money transfer and is more secure than informal channels, should be well received.”

FinMark 2012 estimates that 486 840 Mozambicans live and work in South Africa sending around R1.6-billion annually back to their home country.

“In Zimbabwe we partnered with the retailer OK, however, in Mozambique, the presence of FNB in country gives us the opportunity to use our own infrastructure,” says van der Plas.

FNB Mozambique has 15 branches and the money transfer service will be available in all branches, from Nampula in the north, to Maputo in the south.

In order to use the service, senders must have a qualifying FNB account and be registered for inContact and Cellphone Banking or Online Banking. Senders can send up to R1 500 a day on Cellphone Banking and up to R3 000 a day on Online Banking, or R10 000 a month to Mozambique.