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Graphics Design & Website Development Internship Opportunities 2

    Company: Farwell Consultants Limited
    Deadline: Monday 1st September 2014
    Location: Nairobi

Job Description

Farwell Consultants is currently looking for interns interested in developing their skills in Graphics Design and Web Development divisions.

Graphics Design Intern

The ideal candidate should have:-

1.  Basic design skills

2.  Knowledge and skill in designing web page layouts.

3.  An attention to detail and possess creative flair in order to come up with visually appealing, practical web layouts when called upon.

4.  Competency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

5.  Have a clear understanding of how to design adverts for print media, Brochures, Fliers, Company Profiles

6.  Must understand the concept of image optimisation.

Their day to day activities would involve:-

1. Designing web page layouts

2. Preparing Designs for print media when called upon

Web Development Intern

Their day to day activities would involve:-

·  Working on website development projects

·  Undertaking website maintenance activities

Minimum Technical Skills

Interested candidates should have the following skills:-

·  Basic programming experience

·  PHP



·  Python

·  CMS

·  Must have understanding of SEO

·  Web hosting and Email support

What you will gain

·  Experience on how to create websites from scratch

·  Experience working with multiple experiences

·  Hands on experience working with the latest, web  and design technologies, SDE’s and Hardware

·  An opportunity to work on projects for leading Organizations, looks good on your CV

·  An exciting opportunity to work in a highly dynamic organization with experienced staff

·  An understanding of the Farwell way.

·  1st consideration when Farwell is hiring.

·  E-commerce and mobile-commerce experience.

What we require from you

·  The afore mentioned technical skills

·  Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.

·  Creativity and flexibility

·  Passion in Design

·  Passion in Development

How to apply

Send your cv and portfolio of the work you have done to