South Africa: OpenWeb out to to shake up ADSL market


OpenWeb has launched Hybrid Uncapped, a broadband offering that is set to shake up the local ADSL market. According to OpenWeb there is high customer demand for internet solutions, which is why the company has started to offer Capped-Unshaped Premium daytime broadband with Uncapped-Shaped up to 6Mbps data after hours.

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says: “Hybrid Uncapped will be filling a large gap in the market. Clients are demanding premium Capped bandwidth during office hours and uncapped data after hours. We have finally made this request a reality.”

According to OpenWeb, Hybrid Uncapped is available in various packages ranging from 50GB to 200GB and starting at only R299 per month. 50GB Hybrid Uncapped will provide customers with 50GB’s of Capped-Unshaped Premium daytime (weekdays 7am – 7pm) bandwidth and Uncapped-Shaped up to 6Mbps data all other times.

The company states that, “Once customers reach their cap, daytime speed will be limited to 384k, but after hour speeds will remain untouched. However, they can top-up at any time.”

“We are so excited with all the new developments taking place at OpenWeb.  We will be turning the ADSL market upside down in the next few months.  Watch this space, our clients will be so proud,” concludes Wright.

With OpenWeb venturing into the realm of Hybrid Internet connections, it would be interesting to see how long it will take for Telkom and other African ADSL providers to take the same stance when it comes to internet offerings.