Kenya: New Portal to Offer Free Online Courses to Africa's Managers and Entrepreneurs


The African Management Initiative (AMI) has launched the first series of online courses developed with top business schools aimed at reaching one million African entrepreneurs and managers in the next decade.

Currently reaching over 800 managers, the first course - Managing Customers and Markets - is available on AMI's new online learning platform. The course was developed by Strathmore Business School.

Other online courses offered by AMI include managing myself, managing rojects, managing customers, financing impacts, managing people, scaling impact, managing customers, designing for impact and managing money.

AMI has partnered with three business schools across Africa to help them develop the courses. The three schools include: Strathmore Business School in Kenya, GIBS Business School Gordon Institute of Business Science in Pretoria University, South Africa and Lagos Business School in Nigeria.

The AMI courses are free and participants can upgrade to gain personalized certificate on completition from AMI and its Business schools for $25. Participants access engaging video lessons supported by local case studies, practical exercises, interactive quizzes and innovative peer support system.

"A recent study shows that today more Africans are living in extreme poverty today than they used to in the 90s. We at AMI believe that Africans have more potential than what is portrayed. This is why we want to change this perspective through the online courses, to help managers and entrepreneurs. Our courses are practical and proudly African. Our platform is easy to use and can be accessed on the web and on mobile phones," said Jonathan Cook, chairman, AMI.

The courses take approximately 30 hours. AMI also provides offline study though their Learning Labs workshops bring managers and entrepreneurs together to work through AMI's high quality practical courses in an offline workshop setting. Learning Labs are hosted by AMI partners across Africa and led by an AMI-trained facilitator, who helps participants apply what they learn to their own jobs or business. The learning labs are currently in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Ghana. For these workshops, the courses take close to two days.

According to Rebecca Harrison CEO, Africa Management Initiative (AMI), "Our courses are developed having African leaders in mind, as we even use African case studies to teach. We also focus on practical tools and our courses are accessible."

Ms Harrison, also confirmed that plans are underway to have AMI online courses on an application so that it can be easy to access the courses. The APP will be out by 2015.