Internet News - In Brief


- Namibia’s government has guaranteed funding of NAD240 million (USD32 million) to Telecom Namibia to connect the country to a new undersea cable that will provide greater broadband capacity for high speed internet, data and voice transmission between Africa and Europe. Cabinet has approved Namibia’s participation in the African West Coast Cable (AWCC) project, led by South Africa’s Broadband InfraCo, which aims to light the new submarine fibre route by May 2010.

- In Nigeria, subscribers to the MTN network can now participate in the popular TV reality game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire? through the internet. The internet version is a replica of the TV experience and yet, has its unique features: Participants could choose whatever time or period they wish to play, anywhere and from their comfort using their mobile phones, computers or other internet enabled-hand held devices.

- South Africa’s SNO, Neotel has announced that its WiMax trials are progressing well and customers can expect an offering soon. Neotel has previously indicated that they will launch various consumer offerings, including a “Fast Internet and Voice service” using CDMA and a true broadband offering using WiMax.

- Algeria’s Minister of Postal Services and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) made a bold statement when he said that “the half-cut in the subscription rates to high speed internet, decided a few weeks ago, will continue till free of charge access". Is it a signal that ISPs have to start rethinking their revenue model for the future?

- South Africa’s Mail & Guardian Online has launched the second in its series of Leader blogs at . The new site aims to be a niche opinion platform for technology industry leaders, innovators and opinion leaders.