Chad heads for hi-speed internet – Millicom tests LTE


Tigo's successful testing of 4G (LTE) wireless technology in N'Djamena, the capital of Chad, is a significant landmark for Millicom as well as a regional first for the country.

The event itself, on 17 July, was attended by Daoussa Deby Itno, the Minister of Post and New Information Technologies, and demonstrated our capacity to connect this landlocked central African nation's population of 12.5 million people to high speed mobile broadband.

We aim to develop high speed internet across the country and to roll out to new sites, including in rural areas. At present, Tigo’s networks reach 85 per cent of Chad’s population. Such unique opportunities are in line with our transforming lives approach to markets in Africa and Latin America.

Tigo Chad's General Manager Benoit Janin said: "We are proud to be the first operation of Millicom's operations in Africa to kick off the 4G (LTE) technology. But we are even more proud to be the first operator in Central Africa to do so, thus putting Chad amongst the top ICT leaders within the whole African continent."

Since 2007, the Tigo brand has been Chad's leading mobile service provider, turning exciting, innovative ideas into real digital lifestyle opportunities.

Over the next five years, we expect these opportunities to grow as we invest a further $200 million to improve quality of service in mobile communications and accessibility.

Initially, our 4G service will be made available to residents in N'Djamena, and then rolled out from there.

We will also be rolling out 3G more widely before the end of 2014, as part of our commitment to the people of Chad.