Hackers Target the Financial Gazette Website in Zimbabwe

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A new 'cyber-war' has been declared on Zimbabwean newspapers as hackers attacked the website of the Financial Gazette, barely two days after Zimbabwe's Herald newspaper's website was also hacked.

The latest web edition of the website, www.fingaz.co.zw, had all the headlines replaced in exactly the same manner as The Herald headlines were replaced

The hacker, who is the same 'person' that hacked the Herald website, is identified as simply "r4b00f".

A redirection link was provided as a replacement to news items. The redirection pointed to the website of a civic action group called Sokwanele.

According to The Herald, "The hackers, believed to be operating outside Zimbabwe, managed to get through security systems on both the server and database at the Internet service provider hosting the website and changed headlines on the front page."

The same hacker seems to have hacked the Financial Gazette website in exactly the same way.

The Financial Gazette is a weekly newspaper which focuses on business, finance, and politics throughout Southern Africa.

It is owned independently by Zimbabwean investors, although international press rumours suggest that the paper is now controlled by the government of Zimbabwe.

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