Kenya Govt Procurement Finally Moves Online


The IFMIS Department, National Treasury has launched electronic procurement (e-Procurement) with the aim of promoting openness and accountability in the use of public money, thereby easing the cost of doing business.

E-Procurement is an automated business process which includes procurement planning, management of suppliers, requisitions, quotations, contracts and receipts will be shifted to a more effective and cost efficient online transaction.

"The launch of the IFMIS Electronic Procurement system will ensure public financial resources are used prudently and for the intended purposes. By introducing transparency and accountability through e-procurement, we expect to eliminate the abuse of our procurement system. This will make Kenya a more attractive destination for investment. We take great pride in being the first African country to automate end-to-end procurement and payment processes in a devolved government system. To ensure youth, women and persons living with disability benefit from Government procurement, every public institution must comply with the 30% preferential procurement policy to provide opportunities to the target groups, " said President Kenyatta.

The shift from manual to e-procurement will enhance transparency and credibility in the management of public finances and tendering process through the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS). The system which enables monitoring of all transactions during the procurement process provides functionalities such as the approval hierarchy, which is an end to end process that facilitates the procurement process from planning to payment.

Notable among the e-procurement functions is the item master responsible for standardizing the utilization of items within all Government Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDA's) and counties. This will effectively manage the price inflation of commonly used items in Government offices.