Smartphones to make 32% of all Egyptian mobile sales by 2016, says Sony


Outlining the strides made in the Egyptian market, Sony Marketing Manager in the Middle East and Africa Younes Cherkaoui disucsses the company’s influence on the smart phone market and Egyptian receptiveness to the latest technology.

Tell us about Sony’s position in the Egyptian market and its position amongst market rivals.

Sony is the second biggest producer of smart Android phones in Egypt which reflects our remarkable growing position in the market and goes in line with our strategic plan to enhance our existence and offer all our new products and technologies to Egyptian users.

Do you the think there is an awareness now in the Egyptian market of smart phones’ uses and applications? What is the percentage of smart phone users in Egypt as compared to mobile phones users?

Sure, the Egyptian market has seen many radical changes with regard to smart phone usage which obviously had a positive impact on the growth rates of these phones. Local users are now fully aware of the importance of smart phones, of all technical specifications of each phone and of the role each one plays in facilitating their lives and meeting their needs.

This is evident in the internet communications via different applications and social networks in addition to the production of photos, videos and movies, etc. such positive phenomenon is reflected on the growth rates of our work that is in increase since last year. This comes in time when the increase in usage of smart phones is linked to extra applications and modern technologies added  to Sony smart phones via XPERIA family including high tech photography, high processor performance and high screen clarity.

According to recent specialised studies by world research associations, it is expected that by 2016 smart phones’ sales will reach 32% of all mobile phones’ sales in Egypt.

Applications and the added value is what smart phone users look for – what does SONY offer its users in this regard?

Applications and content really make a big difference and SONY – as a world leading company in the field of entertainment including music, movies and games – started to offer exclusive content to enable users who have our latest smart phones to download movies and free content through XPERIA Lounge.

Could you tell us more about your new XPERIA Z2 phone recently released in the Egyptian market and its demand rates?

XPERIA Z2 has achieved a big success and popularity in the Egyptian market since its launch a few weeks ago. Initial statistics also show unexpected sales which confirms the success of our ambitious strategy towards this promising market. Egyptians became sensitive to new SONY devices and unique offers which are distinguished from other rivals’ with its exclusive, distinctive designs and high quality, including the only one of its kind specifications such as water resistance.

Did the economic situation in Egypt affect smart phones buying rates?

Not at all, on the contrary our smart phones witnessed a big growth in sales rates in the last two years and it is expected to double in the coming period.

We would like to talk about world foremost directions in smart phones industry?

Selfie or “self photos” is likely one of these new world directions. Sony has started immediately to launch the best smart phone specialised in the Selfie; the new (XPERIA C3) which will be launched in the Egyptian market this September. The phone has a five megapixel front cam with LED front flash which allows users to take Selfie photos with wide angles and more brightness; as well as enjoy all other advantages of Sony cams. We confirm our devotion to update the cam application in all Sony smart phones with Sony cams that are considered the best phone cameras in the world thanks to the revolution made by smart XPERIA in world market of smart phones.

Wearable technology is now very much in the air – what role does Sony play in this regard?

In Sony, we pay great interest and attention to wearable tech. In fact we were the first to launch the smart watch four years ago and with the new Smart Band we take users to a new level of experiment allowing them to enjoy a more rich and exciting experiment. Sony will certainly continue to develop wearable tech.

Do you see interest from local users in this kind of technology and what about its future?

The Egyptian user is by nature inclined to coping with all that is new and advanced and has positive habits towards modern technologies which is reflected on wearable tech. Although we are still in the launching phase of this new technology, we are certain that wearable tech will be a big success due to what this market enjoy of big interest and the customers’ awareness of all that is new and advanced.

Let me confirm to you that the rates of mobile phone users in Egypt grew to 90 million users –according to latest statistics from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology – which shows a fertile land accepting all that is new of integrated services that allow users to communicate all the time via sound calls or the internet.

What about your role in the field of social responsibility?

Sony is very active in this field; it participates in many projects that support local societies and helps needy people in many parts of the world, especially in Africa.

For example, we adopt the idea of using mobile technology in movie making and this allows us to participate every year in Mobile Cinema; an important event in Egypt and the Arab world. This confirms the effective role of mobile phones in meeting the needs of amateur and professional photographers.

How many distributers do you have in the Egyptian market and is there any intention to increase the number in the coming period?

We have two partners in the Egyptian market, namely Delta and Rizkallah, and they support us a great deal and we are in a good agreement with regard to our long term strategy in Egypt… so we have no intention to increase the number of our distributers in the coming period.