Door-to-door sales help Movitel win Mozambican mobile subscribers


Mozambican mobile network Movitel says door-to-door sales have helped it secure “80%” market share in the southern African country’s rural areas.

Movitel, a joint venture between the Vietnamese military owned telecoms organisation Viettel Group and Mozambique’s SPI, launched operations in May 2012 to rival Vodacom and mCel in the country.

And according to an official Vietnamese military report released last week, Movitel has focused on its rural supply chain by rolling out 153 shops, 12,600 agents and points of sales, and nearly 4,000 direct sales staff in the country’s rural villages.

Previously, Movitel has stated that its supply chain covers 85% of Mozambique’s rural population and more than 70% of the whole country’s population. “In order to take care of customers in the case of scattered and low-density population like in Mozambique, Movitel applies a door-to-door model,” reads the Vietnamese military report.

“This unique way not only helps Movitel spread out its services quickly but also gaining strong support from the local people thanks to the jobs and services Movitel brings to them. As a result of this, it is currently dominating the rural areas with more than 80% of market share,” notes the report.

Researchers have yet to confirm Movitel’s 80% rural market share claim.

Source: ITWeb Africa  25 August 2014