Uganda to benefit from new iWayAfrica managed service solution


Pan African telecoms operator, Gondwana International Networks (GIN) has announced that its iWayAfrica business has launched a managed infrastructure and services solution for the SME market in Uganda.  The  new product offering has been done in conjunction with managed services company, SevenC Computing.

Winston Smith, General Manager, Terrestrial Services for GIN and iWayAfrica says that the partnership with SevenC Computing has already proven beneficial in several countries: “We have seen great success in Namibia and Zimbabwe and anticipate tremendous growth in Uganda. There is great demand for level three managed services support in Africa, as cloud simply cannot deliver on its own.”

SevenC Computing Managing Director, Darren Osbourn says Uganda represents unlimited opportunities: “As a well respected and reputable managed service provider, iWayAfrica has a substantial opportunity to successfully introduce a unique managed service solution in conjunction with SevenC.”

The iWay Africa solution for Uganda will focus on ensuring that all key IT processes are managed on a single strict service level agreement. He says these services include business email; data storage and collaboration; network security, bandwidth monitoring and reporting, offsite electronic data and email backups; offsite electronic data and email archives; and enhanced network monitoring and support.

Ken Mwai, the Managing Director for iWayAfrica Uganda says that the local SME market faces very common IT challenges such as limited budgets, lack of in-house IT skills and resources, as well as poor quality of service: “We will be providing a much needed quality of service focused on the evolution, deployment and ongoing support of managed IT services.”  Customers in various sectors such as finance, insurance and travel industry, see these services as essential in allowing them to focus on their core business and allow iWay to manage their ICT infrastructure and communication requirements.

Source: Company Press Release