Kenya: Sanofi's Mommy's APP to Help Mothers' Track Their Babies' Health As They Grow

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Sanofi has partnered with Kenya Paediatric association (KPA) to launch an app for mothers to help them keep track their babies' health as they grow.

The app dubbed Mommy's App will help mums monitor their children's health as well as create the child's profile, weight and height, development and surgeries, vaccinations calendar and also questions for the child's doctor.

All that is required from the mums is for them to download the app on their smartphones or tablets and feed in the basic information about the children. The app also helps mums follow and manage their children's health data, vaccination calendars, medical records and growth.

Moreover, Mommy's Book will send mums alerts to get their children vaccinated, according to the vaccination schedule of the country and the child's age, one will save the vaccinations data and be able to send the vaccinations record if needed.

Speaking during the launch, Irene Nwaukwa from Sanofi said: "Mommy's book app is going to reduce the number of times the mother will be making to the doctor. With all the child's details in her phone, the mother will just have to send the records to his doctor or the child's school with a click. The app also helps mothers to organize their next visit to the doctor."

The other main functions for the app include saving children's useful health information (blood type, preferred ID, any specific conditions and related treatment) and be able to send the information by e-mail, help mothers follow their children growth, weight and height and compare the same to the World Health Organization (WHO) growth curves after which the Body Mass Index (BMI) will be calculated then updated automatically with every new weight and height entrances.

According to Thibaud Lefort, director, strategy and operations support, Sanofi Africa, the pharmaceutical firm is currently working with a team in Paris to help upgrade more information in the app and also plans were underway to have the app translated indifferent languages as they believe it will have great impact on mothers and also help reduce deaths in children.

The app will also record children diseases or surgeries information (date, type, treatment) in order to get the full medical record at hand in case of emergency and will also capture and record children development key moments and milestones: the 1st tooth, the 1st word, the 1st step. The app also comes with an option to save and organise the questions one has for the doctor next visit, instead of writing lists and losing them afterwards.

The app will be available on Android and IOS platforms.

The move to have the app is as a result of the "Healthy Children, Happy Children" initiative, which is designed to pool Sanofi's pediatric resources and to develop a portfolio of medicines adapted to children's needs, strengthen the training of healthcare professionals about pediatric diseases, and provide information and education on health issues for the general public and families.

Source: All Africa  28 August 2014