Pamoja’s Cloud Service ecosystem taking shape in Africa


Pamoja, a leading Cloud services and content aggregation business entity in the SEACOM stable, has entrenched the value of its service in East Africa and officially made this high-growth region its base. Armed with partnerships, expertise and the right resources, the company intends to build on its value added reseller network and strengthen the Cloud service ecosystem it has long envisaged for the continent.

Pamoja is focused on driving increased adoption of Cloud services, addressing traditional challenges and successfully replicating the Cloud services model for the benefit of operators throughout Africa.

In line with its proactive strategy to engage the Africa market, Pamoja has teamed up with First Distribution as part of the ‘First for Cloud’ initiative and make available Cloud computing for resale via an extensive network of Value Added Resellers.

Empowering the reseller through reliable technical support and exposure to global best practices in terms of Cloud adoption is a key component of Pamoja’s strategy.

To this end the Company recently announced that it has deployed its second Cloud platform at Liquid Telecom’s East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

On 11 September Pamoja will unite with partner SmoothTel to host a targeted customer event in Nairobi. This event will offer small and medium business owners and key decision makers the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Cloud computing.

“This will also offer a forum to ask about security in the Cloud and other  questions that they have yet to get answers to,” explains Albie Bester, CEO of Pamoja.

Smoothtel is a professional ICT infrastructure specialist that provides its customers with innovative solutions that ensure the optimisation of application availability and manageability.

According to Bester, Smoothtel’s value proposition is its ability to remove the complexity of the process of ICT acquisition and application. “They have traceable references and a wide range of expertise in the field, proven by partners and skilled manpower. Pamoja is honoured to have Smoothtel as one of its resellers in the Kenyan market.”

Executive leadership at Pamoja believes that Africa is a prime candidate for Cloud computing. Access to this resource means that despite insufficient IT resources and limited budgets, businesses of any size can be equipped with ICT servicesat levels previously unattainable.

In order to reinforce this message, the Company is actively pursuing opportunities to engage directly with the market through events and exhibitions.

Also in September, Pamoja, together with its Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) partner, Guideline Biztech, will exhibit at the IRMSA (Institute of Risk Management South Africa) 2014 Conference in Midrand, Gauteng.

Bester explains that this event affords the Company a unique opportunity to engage with specialists in the field of risk management and deliberate the positive impact Cloud computing has on this industry.

“Risk management is an ongoing process and needs to form part of the DNA of an organisation. By extending the risk management platform outside the boundaries of the organisation all stakeholders are kept in the loop. The Cloud is as wide as the internet and thus we can have risk management solutions available wherever the internet extends to,” he adds.

He confirms that Pamoja’s model is destined to stand out in what is expected to be a large crowd through its RUBIQ Cloud based GRC platform and the physical presence of its cloud platform in South and East Africa.

Source: Company Press Release