East Africans to wait longer for low roaming rates


Late entries by remaining East African countries of Tanzania and Burundi into talks will mean that subscribers will have to wait until June so as to realize their desire to MobilePhonesAfricapay lower calling rates across the EA countries.

 Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda had agreed to cap the maximum roaming charges in the three states at about $0.10 per minute beginning this month meaning the rates will have gone significantly lower.

The Business Daily now reports that the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) has confirmed that Tanzania and Burundi have now joined the other four other countries  in the quest for a One Area Network during a meeting of regional regulatory bodies in Arusha last week.

“When agreement is implemented the cost of making calls would come down in all member states of the East Africa Community,” said Francis Wangusi, the director general of CA.

From the Arusha meeting, Tanzania and Burundi to carry a study on the rate they would want applicable by December 31.

The six states will then sit afterwards and come up with a suitable agreement.

“We expect the implementation of the agreed rates to be implemented in June 2015,” Wangusi added.

In June 2013, Uganda introduced Ksh7 (about Rwf54.6) levy on calls while Tanzania introduced a Ksh10 (about Rwf78) levy. Rwanda charges Ksh9 (about Rwf70.2) and Burundi Kh13 (about Rwf101.4).

This means that all these countries levy taxes unlike Kenya being the only one that does not levy taxes on cross-border calls and has been calling for a common termination tariff introduced.

Source: Techmoran  11September 2014