Kenya - Samsung launches Blogger Challenge to support local online content

Digital Content

Samsung has launched a blogger challenge that will go a long way into ensuring locally relevant content by supporting upcoming and accomplished bloggers given that Kenya’s digital community growth leads to an increase in generation of online content through blogs

Since August the global electronics manufacturer has been running the Samsung Blogger Challenge and plans to do so until December 2014, with each month having a unique challenge for a particular product category.

Speaking during the Food Blogger Challenge Robert Ngeru, Samsung’s Vice President and COO for East and Central Africa, said the initiative was Samsung’s appreciation of the work by the blogging community as more corporates begin to engage them in the co-creation of content that will appeal to Kenyans.

“Bloggers who participate in the monthly challenge and complete all the weekly missions will stand a chance to be the Blogger of the Month and will win two Samsung Electronics Products, one for their stellar efforts and another for their online community. The ultimate blogger shall be selected from the Bloggers of the Month,” he added.

Chandni Solanki emerged the winner of the Food Blogger Challenge, the first in the series of five challenges. The challenge tested the participant’s skills in preparation of meals exclusively using a microwave oven. The four participants included Naomi Mutua(, Wendy Wahito (, Chandni Solanki ( and Jessica Irauka (

Each week, the bloggers were given a themed mission to come up with two recipes. For instance, the Tasty Sunrise Mission required the bloggers to creatively prepare breakfast recipes. Other missions included Return of the Lunch Box, Devilish Delights and Honey, What’s for Dinner.

From the recipes prepared by the contestants, Samsung will compile an online 15-recipe microwave cookbook. “This will be a first in the country since most of the microwave cookbooks available to consumers are published in the West,” Mr. Ngeru said.

The Samsung Microwave has a low energy efficient use capability combined with large capacity to meet the consumer’s needs. It has a ceramic enamel interior that is easy to clean and keeps the level of sanitary cooking that consumers want and deserve.

“In the preparation of quick meals, microwave ovens are quite energy efficient as compared to conventional ovens,” added Mr. Ngeru.

With a rising number of Kenyans acquiring smartphones and tablets, there is an increasing demand for local online content. According to the latest quarterly report by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK), mobile data contributed 99 per cent of the 13.3 million data subscriptions in the country.

Source: Humanipo  11 September 2014