Nigeria 7.69m inactive SIMs removed in June says NCC


The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has released its Monthly Subscriber Data report, in which it said that the end of June saw total connected telephony lines on all networks stand at 170,032,880 – a decrease of 8,086,538 from May – while of these, GSM mobile operators accounted for 165,716,078 (having lost a net 7,981,209 GSM subscriber accounts in a month).

CDMA networks lost a net 107,194 subscribers in the same month whilst fixed telephony operators added a net 1,865 subscriber numbers. However, the regulator’s figures showed that a sharp reduction of inactive subscriber lines by the operators was the reason behind the decline in overall numbers. Total mobile SIM cards recorded as inactive fell by 7,685,183 in a month – from 46,937,360 at end-May to 39,252,177 at 30 June 2014.

Active subscribers on all telecoms networks at end-June stood at 130,780,703 according to the NCC’s figures, reduced by 401,355 against the 131,182,058 telecoms users recorded in May. GSM networks lost 359,781 active lines in June to reach 128,536,850. while CDMA operators shared a total of 2,061,458 activ

Source: Telegeography 17 September 2014