Huawei Wins Five-year Managed Services Contract with MTN Group

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Huawei says it has been awarded a five year managed services contract with MTN Group.

Under the terms of this contract, Huawei will now provide managed services for MTN Group in the six countries in which the group operates globally, including Ghana, Cameroon, Guinea and Benin, and cover a range of services such as managed network operations, network performance management and spare parts management.

In the next five years, Huawei will continue to operate, optimize, transform and improve MTN's operations and services with Huawei's Managed Services Unified Platform (MSUP) and support from its global expertise in MAI (Measure, Analyze, Improve), to ensure greater efficiency and business value can be achieved at MTN.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Source: Cellular News 18 September 2014