Kenya hosts Sh13b high speed server


Kenya has been picked to host a public domain server, in a more than Sh13.2 billion ($150 million) ICT Infrastructure development project that promises faster and cheaper internet access to consumers in Africa. Such a platform enables one’s computer or phone locate addresses of websites and apps that he or she wants to connect to.

Currently, Kenya and other economies in the continent depend on severs by big companies like Google, hosted outside the continent, taking a lot of time to connect to various websites. The new development is expected to lower connection period from 180 milliseconds to slightly lower than 20 milliseconds.

An independent data, voice and IP provider, Liquid Telecom has confirmed it will start rolling out its own domains in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa over the next three months.

The Econet Wireless Global subsidiary that launched operations in the country last year said it is investing in a project that will deliver data over more efficient fiber optic lines without greater speed restrictions.

“Lack of high speed last mile connectivity still hampers effective uptake of internet services in the country and larger sub-Saharan Africa,” said Liquid Telecom Kenya chief executive officer Ben Roberts.

More houses and corporates are not connected to the fibre network, with the sub-Saharan region having a 36 per cent connection rate. The company has already spent $20 million (Sh1.7 billion) out of $50 million (Sh4.3 billion) budgeted for Kenya in fibre network development and expansion of its data centre.

Source: People Daily 18 September 2014