Programos Wins Local Content Award in Nigeria


Programos Software Limited, Nigerian developer of software products for financial institutions, capital market and stockbroking firms in Nigeria, has emerged the winner of the Best Software Company with Local Content at the prestigious Titans of Tech awards which held in Lagos last weekend.

President and chief software architect, Programos Software, Amos Emmanuel at a grand reception at the City Mall in Lagos, received the award on behalf of the firm. Titans of Tech is an annual event organized by Technology Africa to celebrate titans, men, women, organisations and institutions that are the driving force of the tremendous wind of technological change that is blowing across the nation, Nigeria.

Amos said that since 1997, when the firm started implementing IntegraPlus software to enables capital market managers to log into online services it has become the biggest force in trading in the market with over 100 stockbrokers using the applications. According to him, "It has simplified the entire processes of central security system and of course the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) saw and approved of it after confirming its efficiency and reliability to efficient, transparent and a robust stockbroking service delivery". He noted that Integral is secured and has made life very easy for the brokers, registrars, regulators and the investors all together. Integral means an integration of so many things, thus it is an expanding project that has a massive capabilities.

What we have done in integral is to combine everything together in a ledger, so it has made easy business operations and it does not matter whatever business concept it is. The Accountant of each organisation simply needs on daily basis half transactions generated from various departments of the organisation, have them fully authorised and they will be in for accuracy and completion in the financial statement. Programos is also the developer of Webstone a leading electronic business (e-business) solution.

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