Gateways launches Wireless Broadband in Nigeria


Gateway Communications, one of Africa's leading connectivity provider launched the AirLinkTM and MetroLinkTM products. The products are designed to impact on companies operating in Nigeria to access the internet and connect branch offices.

Gateway CEO Peter Gbedemah said that AirLinkTM and MetroLinkTM are a step forward for corporate connectivity in Nigeria . "We have leveraged our dedicated 10.5GHz spectrum licence to provide a broadband solution that beats anything currently on the market in terms of speed and bandwidth. AirLinkTM and MetroLinkTM are taking connectivity in Nigeria to a new level and we look forward to introducing them in other African markets over the coming months."

AirLinkTM is a broadband internet service offering access at speeds up to 8Mbps for each site where it is installed. MetroLinkTM allows companies with multiple offices in a metropolitan area to inter-connect those offices using a fast, dedicated and quick to install product ideal for banks, consumer goods distribution centres and fuel stations. Some of the clients who have signed up to the AirLinkTM service already include Nextzon, Amadeus and Berkeley Group amongst others.

Gateway aims to roll out these products in Ghana and Mozambique in the next quarter before a foray into the rest of Africa.

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