Tanzania: Minister Endorses ICT Outsourcing in Public Services


A business processing outsourcing framework which will be used by different public service delivery agencies including in digitising documents is in the pipeline.

Minister for Communication, Science and Technology, Professor Makame Mbarawa said that the process of developing the framework which started last year has been delayed because it needs private sector input.

"I hope that stakeholders from the private sector will be part of the process so that they advise us on the best possible framework," Prof Mbarawa said.

He said that business processing outsourcing sector has been earmarked as a pillar of economic development. "We are leaving no stone unturned to make Tanzania a hotbed for outsourcing," he stressed.

According to him, BPO will also be used in trade clearances, connectivity, building infrastructure and cyber-security. "We're doing everything we can to fulfill our aspirations," he said.

Prof Mbarawa noted that mature BPO markets such as India and Philippines are reaching saturation, which is an opportunity for the country to exploit the vacuum.

The minister said that in the past, the biggest concern for outsourcers was minimising costs but currently the growing emphasis is on service quality and long-term viability which clearly Techno Brain's BPO is delivering.

Outsourcing companies such as Techno Brain will play an important part in generating employment, and alleviating poverty across Africa. This is well documented from other developing nations across the world.

Techno Brain's Chairman, Mahesh Patel said it is an African information technology company that provides innovative solutions to advance the way organisations do business.

"The opportunity that BPO industry can create in terms of employment creation is immense and has a lot of potential for companies to achieve better results in their business sectors and avoid the risk of wasting potential offered by their youth," Mr Patel said.

Source: Tanzania Daily News