The AfricaCom 100 Leadership Summit  at AfricaCom 2014
Tuesday 11th November 2014
CTICC in Cape Town

AfricaCom 100 will make up a research board, offering insight and feedback on future trends in the industry.  At AfricaCom 2014, members of th panel will be able to join the Leadership Suimmt.The objective? To offer participants a no-nonsense environment to share experiences, throw ideas with like-minded strategists and really get to the core of the issues affecting your business. Debates follow Chatham House rules*, meaning you can speak freely without fear of being (mis)quoted by the media.
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TMT World Congress
18 November 2014

TMT World Congress 2014 & Awards will gather the leading industry, finance and advisory executives in London on November 18 to assess the most exceptional investment strategies globally. For more information on the inaugural World Congress 2014 & Awards, visit here:

Digital Migration and Spectrum Management Forum – Africa 2014
25th -27th November 2014
Johannesburg, South Africa

 A high-level industry conference, this conference will bring together key stakeholders across the broadcasting, telecoms, broadband and associated industries to assess the latest developments in spectrum technology, applications, standard, services and platforms and the relevance to Africa.
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