Ghana: NCA says Expresso subscribers can port to other networks if they so wish.


The National Communications Authority (NCA) says Expresso subscribers "can make use of the Mobile Number Portability platform to change to another provider while keeping their number if they so wish".

The NCA says it has been compelled to make such a recommendation due to Expresso's inability to honour core business agreements with other telcos in the country, as well as the consistent poor services subscribers receive.

"Since the beginning of 2014, Expresso has been encountering operational difficulties and this includes inability to meet some of its financial obligations.

"The NCA has since the beginning of the year made consistent and intensive efforts to help Expresso address its difficulties by managing various crisis situations and to ensure that the network is able to meet all its obligations, and most especially to its customers and the general consumers within the telecommunications industry in Ghana", the industry regulator recounted in a statement to the press.

NCA says the situation has gotten to the point where MTN, on November 1, 2014 took a business decision to effect a one-way block from the Expresso network to its platform.

"This is because Expresso, has consistently failed to meet all its obligations under the Interconnect Agreement they had with the operator in question [MTN]", NCA clarified.

NCA has directed Expresso to inform its customers of the true state of affairs since it is sure to affect their service to subscribers.

"The NCA hereby advices all Expresso Subscribers and the general public to be mindful of the prevailing situation and make informed decisions on the purchase of goods and services from Expresso. All affected subscribers may report their issues to the nearest Expresso office for redress", NCA announced.

The NCA says it is still monitoring the situation and will take appropriate action after a comprehensive review.

Source: My joyonline 11 November 2014